Welcome To Unamity

Unamity was founded to facilitate the birth of our global voluntary-ist family.
A planetary parliament (world party, ‘direct post-democracy’, global hoop!) of
seven billion sovereign hearts. Living the native ethos of ‘choice’! Respect!!

If you or your group or organization is committed to nonviolence — to healing
Mother Earth today — to ending the horror of the worldwide animal farming
economy — to reforesting the planet now — to winding down the petrochemical
industry, at this very moment — to respecting our priceless multicultural
herstory — to acknowledging our sacred native traditions and responsibilities —
to terminating the military industrial police state and creating a ‘universal
sover-thing-ity’ — then we will link and or feature you here at Unamity.Com

We hereby recognize all humans, and thinking / communicating dolphins &
whales and others, as loved members of our global decision-making body and mind.

— And please send your name ideas — for our world family, TribeEarth,
‘sover-thing-ity’ — aka the golden child to whom womanity gave birth!

TribeEarth accepts no money, nor advertising — and will never accept
the mantle of authority, or wield the arm of power. Our security is
guaranteed by our health and our joy, by our life of truth and integrity,
by our respect of our sisters and brothers.

And by the witness of our living ancestors, and divine children …